Eve De Rosa

Eve De Rosa, PhD

Eve De Rosa, PhD, uses a cross-species approach, in rats and humans, to examine how brains and cognitive faculties change across the lifespan. She works with community partners to include seniors from underrepresented populations in research studies on developing early biomarkers for dementia. This is important because of the increased risk for AD, the lack of representation in studies about the progression and treatment for AD, and the urgent need to correct this problem. For community outreach, Eve’s lab developed a program as part of the Community Neuroscience Initiative, to have undergraduates introduce STEAM, through neuroscience, to an under-resourced elementary school district in the city of Syracuse. The “Get to Know Your Brain” program is designed to promote personal agency and give children an opportunity to succeed in ownership over their brains.

To learn more visit: www.human.cornell.edu/people/edd56.